Wine Run Club!

I love wine, I love running, I like learning about wine and socializing.
That’s why I started a WINE RUNNING CLUB!

We partnered with Seven Cellars in Brighton for a wine run club event every two weeks starting on Thursday 1 August 2019 at 7:00pm.
We go for a 5k run led by me, Richard, and upon finishing back to the shop everybody has a glass of wine, every time a different one. Socializing is also important and I hope people come with friends, meet new friends and have a great time.
The schedule will always be the same and for full info check the event page. If you already know about ti and want to pre-register, here is the registration page.

I started going to Seven Cellars for their great wines (they also have great beers, some of which I’ve tried myself, and spirits) which they source from all over the world. There is quite the selection and I’ve enjoyed all of them.

This is an opportunity to know about wines, learn about wines, get a workout in with a group and meet other people who are interested in wine and running.

I look forward to starting these events!