Running tips for beginners

Nobody is born knowing how to do something. Everybody works for it, some more some less, but they all work for it nevertheless.

Here are some simple tips for all you new runners out there.

  • Build up to walking for an hour.

  • Set a time goal (5 minutes or 30, whatever you pick). Alternate walking and jogging for your chosen time goal.

  • Improve your diet. Seasoned runner or beginner, anyone can benefit from healthy tweaks to their diet.

  • Push yourself. Nobody said that running was easy. Avoid risks, but take the extra step. You'll feel even better with yourself afterwards.

  • Good company. Get out with some friends. You'll have fun, work even harder (without noticing) and share an experience.

  • Ask questions. Never be afraid to seek tips or advice from us, friends or personal trainers.

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