How we started

And here we are! Richard and Stephanie are the people behind the Wild Wine Run event series.

We started organizing wine runs out of fun. We wanted to explore the English countryside and learn about English wines, an overlooked yet emerging industry with award-winning production. Since we both are athletes, we wanted to run or walk around the landscape. We thought that other people would relish this idea too – who would say no?

We organized the first event in 2017 in the rolling hills of the East Midlands. We were happy to see enthusiastic people - first-time runners, beginners or seasoned runners alike - enjoying great wine and company. Everybody was smiling and socializing throughout the event.

After two summers of successful wine runs we are excited to expand this year and partner with Walton Brook Vineyard, just east of Loughborough, for 5k and 10k events on 19 May 2019 and in September.

As we’ve been involved in charity fundraising (such as the Canal & River Trust and TRIBE Freedom Foundation), we’ve also decided to solidify our commitment by partnering with the national charity When you wish upon a Star, which helps children living with life-threatening illnesses.

So what are the events about? The Wild Wine Run combines running or walking along the vineyards and natural outdoors; enjoying a free tasting of English wines along the course (just a sip!) and also at the finish line; charity fundraising; and community.

We introduced the Wine Run in the Midlands, we are one of the very few wine runs in the UK and have the UK’s first ever Urban Wine Run featuring Renegade Urban Winery near the iconic Victoria Park.

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