English Wine Week

We are in the middle of English Wine Week 2019!
From Saturday 25 May to Sunday 2 June, let’s celebrate more than ever the wines from England and Wales.

Last week, from 18 to 20 May, the London Wine Fair took place, with amazing stands all over including one of our venue partners, Renegade London Winery.

England is a big consumer of wine but local wines account for single-digit % of wine consumption. Why is that?
Mostly, awareness. England has actually 577 between wineries and vineyard so far, the bulk of them in the south. 3 million vines were planted in 2019 alone. The industry is growing, producing award-winning wines and just wants to pop out from under the radar to let more people, especially from the UK, about the great production.

White and sparkling wine dominates the production but you can see good reds and actually quite a variety of sparkling wines.

I would say most of the wineries are small businesses if not family owned, therefore supporting the producers is even more important and needed.

We’ll personally attend an event at Hidden Spring Vineyard this Saturday 1 June, where several wineries and vineyards, including Off the Line (which specializes in Rosé wines), get together to offer a great day of wine, food, music, good company and nature!

I hope you enjoy the week too, support even more English wine producers and join us in this fun times!